18th of March 2018, Tempe, Arizona

Our thoughts go to the family of Elaine Herzberg, a 49-year-old woman who has been fatally killed in an accident with an UBER self-driving vehicle.
Some blame the self-driving technology as not mature enough, some blame the test driver, some went to the extreme of inhumanity state to blame the pedestrian.
As a pedestrian, UBER has failed me today. As a bicyclist, UBER has failed me today.
Arizona Police department have released the in-car and outdoor video footage depicting the moment of the accident
Source: nytimes.com

Autonomous vehicle test driver means a natural person seated in the driver’s seat of an autonomous test vehicle, whether the vehicle is in autonomous mode or conventional mode, who possesses the proper class of license for the type of vehicle being driven or operated. The autonomous vehicle test driver should be capable of taking-over physical control of the vehicle at any time.

All of us would have wished that Rafael Vasquez, the test driver of UBER, could have been able to take control and brake earlier, avoiding the loss of Elaine’s life.
Rafael Vasquez, trusted the technology, a technology certified by her contractor UBER to be safe and secure.
UBER, what is needed today and tomorrow, coming months and years is to refine the self-driving technology to serve its purpose. The autonomous vehicle technology should be able to Identify pedestrians and bicycles and avoid accidents, HUMAN first!

Autonomous Vehicle Industry, what is needed is re-evaluate LIDAR recognition, VIDEO recognition and their capabilities in the self-driving cars in all possible weather environments, in different light conditions, in multiple map clutters; dense urban, urban, suburban, rural, highway, tunnel, etc.

It is enough to ask, our aim at HUMYX is to help and support the self-driving technology and we will!
At HUMYX, we insist on technology for humans, not only shareholders…