HUMYX logic is that if you can’t control the shooter, try to control the gun.

Basically, we should move from “the gun control” space which requires a high level of complexity to “the control the gun” practice.

To control a gun, a gun must be connected, a gun must be smart!

A gun must be always connected to the internet, it must be connected to cellular networks such as Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint etc. using any available access technology 2G, 3G, 4G, IoT, 5G

The gun must belong to the Internet of Things [IoT] universe where each weapon must have a unique Weapon Digital ID [WIDI: Weapon International Digital ID] and a Weapon Digital Safety Lock [WDSL]

In a mass shooting, every second counts till the security forces and police officers arrive to the location of the mass shooting. Every second counts as every second means a life potentially being saved.

Las Vegas, 10 minutes, 58 lives lost

Florida, 6 minutes, 17 lives lost

What if we could stop the mass shooting from the early seconds or even prevent it from happening at the first place?

What if a command to Digitally Lock the weapon remotely can be sent over wireless networks to the gun or sent via peer-to-peer connection to the gun?

What if stopping a mass shooting or imminent criminal attack becomes as easy as pushing the call button on your smartphone?

The second that a mass shooting potential is being reported to the local security forces, a cloud-based solution will send a shutdown command to all connected commercial IoT guns in the reported location through the cellular towers available in that location. Remote commands activate the safety lock of the commercial connected smart guns and the shooter(s) will not be able to initiate a massacre.



Alternatively, the smart weapon can be equipped with a GPS device giving the ability to security forces to track the mobility of such weapons. Schools, universities, hospitals, parks, worship and event areas can be part of a national geofence database. A geofence is a virtual geographic boundary, defined by GPS coordinates (X, Y), that enables software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves an area.

Once a digital weapon (known by its WIDI) enters a predefined geofence, the system looks up its WIDI database; if the weapon is an authorized registered weapon (for example a weapon registered for security staff of a school or university) the no action is taken by the system.

If the weapon is a non-authorized registered weapon, the system automatically sends a weapon shut down command through the internet, via cellular networks to the weapon in question.




What needs to be done?

Guns made before 2018 must be recalled and adapted with a digital safety lock and guns to be made in 2019 forward should be manufactured with a Weapon Digital Safety Lock [WDSL] as a default mandatory capability.

Recalling hundreds of millions of weapons, might take few years (estimated to 5 years), but will insure the issue is solved once and forever. An issue that has been present in the life of citizens for hundreds of years, can take few years to be firmly resolved.

Recalling weapons for digital adaptation will create thousands of jobs for the US economy and weapon industry, will keep a gun in the hand of Pro-Gun community to defend themselves, requires minimum efforts from Law Makers for legislation, keep the anti-gun community safe from mass attacks.